Trisum (Dewa Budjana , Tohpati & Balawan)

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Trisum (Dewa Budjana , Tohpati & Balawan)

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1st Edition

"When listening to the album" guitar "this then that dawned in my mind is how Tohpati and I Dewa Gede Budjana with I Wayan Balawan guest stars appearing as a skilled peracik. Because they actually appear as peracik of guitar playing different characters. They cross-genre mix that could be examined from the arrangements of each composition, do not imagine how easy it is to knit the various musical trends: there is jazz, rock, bluegrass and etnikal. " (Denny Sakrie - Observer Music)

I Dewa Gede Budjana and cultivation were the originators of Trisum. Together with I Wayan Balawan, famous musicians with tapping technique as a guest star, they work together to produce works that qualified the album titled 1st Edition. 9 compositions in this album presented with musical taste is sophisticated. It can be listened to in the song Kromatiklagi Budjana work or Mahabharata Tohpati work. Or Mainz In My Mind works from Balawan. In addition to his own work, Trisum also nicely interpret Ismail Marzuki's work titled Keroncong Kemayoran dibesut with jazzy rhythm without losing the 'keroncong' spirit.

A little reminder that the initial formation of Trisum was in 2004 where Budjana, cultivation, and Balawan appear in a product launch. A year later the three of them perform in a show at Java Jazz Festival where the audience was very enthusiastic reception. They re-appear in a concert titled Dialogue sepanggung Guitar at Graha Bhakti Three Cultures, Taman Ismail Mardjuki (TIM) at the end of 2005. In this concert of three guitarists reliable gait is more widely known by the public, where they were further roadshows to various cities in Indonesia.

Not just jamming together

In each appearance Trisum supported by a row of musicians, you name it Indro Hardjodikoro (electric bass), Sandy Winarta (drums), Eugen Bounty (Clarinet), Bang Sat (flute), and Jalu Pratidina (drums). These names also supports album 1st Edition.

Recording process carried out simultaneously and live in order to get a 'life' and an atmosphere like when Trisum held a concert. But it should be noted that does not mean this to be a live recording arena just jamming together, because Budjana and cultivation, as the motor of this project menggawangi Trisum structured with musical patterns that have been designed neatly before. As a result the work of this album takes a long time and high demand teamwork. This is the challenge. But the fruit of their hard work paid off with an album-quality results.

Trisum - 1s Edition released by Sony BMG in April 2007 in a regular CD format and the CD Deluxe. For the Deluxe format there is a bonus DVD of The Making Of. Hopefully this album can be accepted and enjoyed by all people and to encouraging the creativity of other Indonesian musicians to continue working and working


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