Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore

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Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore

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At a base in Northern Germany, a worker delivering secret codes finds a cocker spaniel puppy outside his office. He brings the puppy inside, showing her to his bloodhound, Rex. Rex senses something is wrong with the puppy and starts to bark at her, making the worker take him outside. Rex looks in the window seeing the puppy taking pictures of the top secret documents and later revealing to be Kitty Galore, an evil female hairless cat. Rex turns out to be a dog agent and reports to HQ.
In San Francisco, Diggs, a German Shepherd police dog and his master,Shane are called to a hostage situation. Diggs deliberately ignores Shane's commands. He attacks the suspect, causing him to release a device that Diggs grabs which causes a building to blow up. Butch and Lou are watching footage of the incident. Lou wants Diggs to be an agent with Butch as his mentor to help bring down Kitty Galore.
At the police station, Diggs is suspended and sent back into the kennels. Shane wants to adopt Diggs but the police will not allow it. Butch recruits Diggs and takes him to HQ. Lou gives them a mission to track down a pigeon named Shanus who is an informat and working for Kitty Galore.
After tracking down Shanus, Diggs and Butch meet a female Russian Blue cat agent named Catherine who was also after Shanus. At first it seems as though she was a spy sent by Kitty Galore to assassinate Shanus, she later reveals that she is actually an agent who works for MEOWS who was after Shanus for the same reason the dogs were. She also reveals that Kitty Galore was once an agent who worked for MEOWS until she became rogue after a mission against the dogs during which she was knocked into a vat of hair removal gel causing her to lose all her fur and give her the appearance of a sphynx cat, thus resulting in being ridiculed by her cat comrades and later be kicked out of her human home. Since then, Kitty has been plotting her revenge on not only dogs, but humans as well.
After bringing Catherine to HQ, Lou contacts Tab Lazenby of MEOWS and they form an alliance to take down Kitty Galore. Shanus reveals where a pigeon was going while working for Kitty. At a cat lady's home, they discover the middlecat that has been sending the parts to Kitty using other pigeons that work for her but claims that he doesn't know where she is hiding.
Needing help to find out where Kitty could be hiding, they go see Mr. Tinkles who is locked up in a hidden prison on Alcatraz Island, bound in a Hannibal-style way (out of insanity; presumably a result of his torturous time with Mr. Mason's maid and her sisters from the end of the original film). Although he refuses to tell them Kitty's exact location, he gives a hint to the group that all secrets are revealed in a cat's eye and that he is planning his escape. Kitty discovers through an informant at the prison that the cats and dogs are working together and sends two Scottish orange tabby cat mercinaries named Angus and Duncan to attack them and capture Shanus on the boat returning from the prison.
After getting fed up with Diggs not listening to his commands, Butch leaves with Shanus to the pigeon's home to find clues. Catherine learns that Diggs has been in and out of kennels his whole life. Diggs, Catherine and Tabs learn that Kitty is hiding at a fairground with her new master, a magician, from a still picture from her video - by looking in the eyes like Tinkles said.
Not long after arriving at the fairground, Diggs and Catherine are captured by Kitty Galore and Paws. Kitty reveals that she plans to send a signal that only dogs can hear through televisions and cellphones to cause them to act hostile towards their humans. After escaping Kitty's death trap, Diggs and Catherine meet up with Butch and Seamus who were alerted by Tab and Lou.
Kitty uses a chair ride as a satellite dish to transmit the signal. Shanus accidentally presses the button to start the program thinking it was the shutdown button. Dogs start becoming hostile in their homes. Kitty orders Paws to attack them and the final battle begins. Paws' fur is ripped off during the fight and he turns out to be a Terminator-style robot. Diggs tricks Paws into biting one of the wires causing the dish and Paws to explode. The humans watching think it is a stunt by the magician. When her beloved pet mouse Scrumptious turns on her, Kitty ends up getting ejected from the satellite, tied up in cotton candy and lands right in the magician's hat.
After the mission, Diggs goes to live with Shane, who has been looking for Diggs since he escaped from the police kennel.


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